The Lithuanian Institute Of Agriculture – Activities And Prospects

Agricultural science, like other sciences, is in the state of reform, with discussions being held on which direction research should take and what should be prioritised: fundamental or applied research, technological development, science meeting the needs of Lithuania’s economy and its dissemination.

Looking into the future, research workers of the Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture focus their attention on the relevance of research and its importance for the country’s economy. Agrarian sciences are very dependent on the prospects for the development of agriculture, forestry, food sector as well as rural development. In the wide sense, European model of agriculture is: a competitive agricultural sector, environment-friendly farming, high produce quality and safety, landscape and biodiversity conservation, sustainable agricultural and rural economy, balanced regional development, reducing the negative effects of agriculture on the environment on the global scale. Implementation of this model needs innovations that are aimed at better product and service quality and wider range, new markets, higher labour productivity, modern production technological processes, reduction of energy and raw material inputs, minimization of adverse effects on the environment.

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